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Buying Forest Preserve Property

It is imperative that everyone who uses a trail within a public forest preserve has a permit. Do not hike on private land without first contacting the preserve office. Please follow the rules of courtesy and human dignity as you share the numerous multi-use paths within your Lake County Forest Preserve with others. Before you go out on your hike, please check the local forest preserve calendar to see when each trail is opened. Please, also read these before going out on your hike.

Most all national forest preserves are managed by state or regional government agencies. The most recent information about the management of the preserves can be obtained from the local forest preserve office. Each state has a different set of laws governing the access and use of wildlife and other natural resources, for example, within its state parks.

The majority of the national forest preserves are in Cook County, Illinois. Cook county is one of the country’s largest natural state parks. There are about 25,000 acres of Cook county forest preserves, in addition to the more than seven million acres of Chicago park land. Chicago park land is designated for use by the Chicago Bears Football Club, Chicago Cubs baseball and the John Hancock Center for the Arts, all located within the greater Chicago area. In addition, Cook county is home to another major natural treasure, the Will County forest preserve.

Both Cook county forest preserve and Chicago park land is within the boundaries of the National Park System. Many of the trails within the preserves are part of the larger National Park System. These include the Grand Loop trail system, the South Branch Trail and the Viaduct Trail. Other trails such as the Prairie du Sac also cross state lines.

As a result, when you purchase forest preserve property within the greater Chicago area, you are buying a beautiful part of a very large city. In other words, this type of real estate is extremely localized. Unlike a lot of the housing that you will find in suburbs, there is not a whole neighborhood surrounding the preserve land. This allows people to live close to the woods, while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors. It also allows people to have a place to raise their families, enjoy gardening and to be close to nature. People who want to spend time in the great outdoors but are not able to do so because of the distance from their homes can easily move into one of the Cook county preserves.

The three main areas where Cook county forecesters choose to invest are the Buffalo Park, the North River Greenway and the Will County Restoration Site. Each of these has over five million acres of land. If you had purchased any other piece of land, it would be considered residential property and you would not be allowed to live on it. Even if you could find a way to make your investment work, you would not be able to live permanently wild in the piece of property.

You can easily determine what is not on the land that you buy. When you have located Cook county preserve property, you should not take the land by its “face value”. You should also look at the area by its “getaway value”. These are the prices of homes in the immediate area. Please fill out the information for each of these fields so that we can provide you with the correct price.

The North River Greenway and Buffalo Park are two of the largest and most popular of these preserves. They are both full of nature trails for you to use as a walking or riding experience. Many times, the foot traffic is so high that there is no one else around to disturb the native wildlife. There are also some nice picnic areas to enjoy at the ends of the trails.